The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Society

    The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society was formed in 1985 by a group of enthusiasts who realised that the future of the Oxford Sandy & Black depended upon proper documentation and identification. Breed standards were set and all pigs inspected and recorded.

    Membership of the OSBPS is open to all those with an interest in the breed, whether they keep pigs or not.

    From 1st August 2003 the registration of all Oxfords has been carried out by the British Pig Association, an organisation founded in 1884 committed to pedigree pig breeding, which has produced the official herd books of several breeds for many years. This move is of enormous benefit to the breed, and breeders are encouraged to join both organisations.

    The Breed Society currently has over 100 members (October 2015), several of whom do not keep pigs. The Society will continue to support the breed in many ways, the Committee keeping members informed through regular newsletters, providing details of stock for sale, boar availability, events planned etc.

    Society membership currently costs £15 per year.