I recently had the pleasure of tasting one of the finest bits of pork that has ever made its way into my kitchen. A neighbour slaughtered 3 of his Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and alerted us all to this news by email. Pleased with an opportunity to try a breed I had never eaten, I bought a couple of chops as a test-run. A deeper colour to the flesh meant that instantly I could see this was not going to be a bland bit of run-of-the-mill flabby white meat churned out for a supermarket but something special. I have never eaten fat that completely melted in the mouth as did this - and along with the delicious flavour of both it and importantly the meat, I can safely give this breed of pig a sure seal of approval. As a result, I bought more outstanding cuts and have been longing to hear the news that there are to be a second growth [as it were] over the summer. I always think there is something a bit old fashioned about meat like this; the proper fattiness to the meat pleases me especially with its delicious flavour and texture. Anyone who eats this pork will be thrilled with how fantastically delicious it is - cooked slowly it becomes unctuously sticky, cooked faster makes for outstanding crackling covering a mouth-watering meaty underlay. I have to stop now because I have none left in the deep freeze and am writing myself hungry..... Bertie Thewes Former owner of Port-na-Craig Inn in Pitlochry which was a Michelin awarded restaurant and voted Best Restaurant in Scotland by Les Routiers