Guidelines for Would-Be Purchasers of Breeding Stock

Make sure that the pig that you are proposing to buy is fully registered and ear marked. Registration is the responsibility of the BREEDER.

Please note that black and white pigs, or pigs with white patches on the body or whorls/roses on the back should NEVER be registered under any circumstances.

It is a Society requirement that unregistered stock listed on these pages should at least be birth notified.

Do not be tempted to breed from unregistered stock. If the breeder hasn't registered it, it probably isn't suitable for breeding.

Stock for Sale Entries will Remain Listed for circa. Eight Weeks

7 January

7 weaners 5 males, 2 gilts Born 13th October. 2 other gilts are registrable, I am willing to sell one, would be keeping one. They are from our Alexander Boar, Alfie and our Gertrude Sow Galaxie. The sow is R003939OS and the Boar R003626OS They are birth notified tagged, wormed and ready to go.

Also I have a litter of 12 born on the 14th November 6 males 6 gilts Clarence Boar and Gertrude Sow. I have yet to check them to see if any would be suitable for registration. Will be tagged, wormed and birth notified.

My contact details are, 07501 727281 or 01566 785341

18 December The Oldlands Herd have Birth Notified Oxford Sandy and Black weaners available from various litters available for collection from 22 December 2018 £45 All healthy, well reared and wormed before leaving. Sow bloodlines include: Clarissa, Gertrude & Gloria Boar bloodline: Clarence (Oldlands Clarence 4) Discounts available Please contact Ian Lawrence 07857 648199 SN7 Oxfordshire

For Sale Tan Mary 3 – FNG265, DOB 15/2/18. Just been with boar, so should be in pig Tan Mary 2 – FNG257, DOB 15/1/18. Just been with boar, so should be in pig Tan Alison 11 – FNG179, DOB 14/7/16. In pig and due February Tamarind Mary – FWE7, DOB 10/9/15, ready to go back to the boar now Barnsnap Jack 15 – CTE,1041 DOB 15/5/15. Really good boar, produces large litters of good quality. Last litter size 12.

Also have 3 boars ready to go, born 10 October. Birth notified, tagged, wormed. Braintree Essex

Linda and David Aldous
Dave Aldous 07506 722383 ( Linda Aldous 07946 775184 Tel:01371 850123 (

13 December

Weaners Friendly, healthy, birth notified and wormed. Ready to go 14th January. 4 boars and 6 gilts. One gilt may be able to register..01963 440662. EMAIL : Rose Adams. Somerset

19 November

Weaners available January 2019 -5 boars and 1 gilt, they will be wormed, tagged and birth notified £60 now discounted to £50 - North Devon

Please contact Maggi Gardiner on 01409 240251 or

18 November

Seven Weaners available, 5 boars 2 gilts, tagged and birth notified. Two of the boys are registrable, subject to final checks. They are from a Gertrude sow and an Alexander Boar. Born October 13th. Ready to go 8th December £50 each ( £95 for the two boys if registered) Our contact details are 01566 785341(Cornwall)

8 October

10 birth notified weaners for sale, 8 weeks old, weaned and ready to go. Contact Kate Henderson on 07799436502 or

4 October

11 October Longash Jack 40 born 13/04/2018 Sire Longash Jack 33 Dam Longash Dandy 15 Good colour, well marked, good temperament. Best Boar and reserve breed champion at Dorset County Show. The only time he has been shown.

Longash Alexander born 14/02/2018 Sire Longash Alexander 11 Dam Longash Iris 26 Good colour, well marked, good temperament.

Longash Alexander 11 born 10/02/2016 Sire Longash Alexander 11 born 10/2/2016 Sire Longash Alexander 8 Dame Longash Dandy 15 Good colour, well marked. good worker and easy to handle.

contact Mrs M Case, 01258 880447 (Milton Abbas, Dorset)

3 October

We are now selling our show stock. All stock is registered and of good conformation. Tan Jack 3 - R004301OS - (Harry) DOB 15 September 2017. Champion boar at Norfolk and through to the Pig of the year qualifiers at York. Excellent temperament. Ready to start work Tan Alison 14 - R004302OS - (Maud) DOB 15 September 2017. Ready for the boar, or could be put to the boar before selling if required. Tan Alison 15 - R004303OS - (Martha) DOB 21 November 2017. Tan Mary 2 - R004304OS - (Maisy) DOB 15 January 2018. First at York for January gilt. Tan Mary 3 - R004305OS - (Marge) DOB 15 February 2018 All of the gilts have been highly placed at many of the shows during the year and all of the pigs have 14 correctly aligned teats.

contact Linda Aldous Dave's mobile is 07506 722383 Linda's mobile 07946 775184

1 October

Weaners for fattening available from the Barnsnap Herd during October.
Will be birth notified, wormed and eating well. Close junction 11 M23, West Sussex.
Please call or email: Christine & Den Crosdil, on 01293 851580 or

23 September

6 boar weaners, Alison Jack lines. Ready to leave 20th October, good strong super friendly piglets. Tagged and wormed Carla Masters 07827931330 (Somerset)

20 September

Weaners available from 9th October £50 each. Birth notified and wormed. Boars and gilts from Oldlands Jack 4 and Teyrdan Hall Alison. Possible Boar and Gilts for registration subject to final checks. Contact: David & Nicky Rae 07776256950 email: N. Wales

2 September

5 gilts 2 boars weaners available from 21st September. birth notified and wormed...Windwhistle Gertrude and Oldland Clarence.£50 each

Rose Adams BA98DH. 01963 440662 email : Somerset

31 August

Two boars born 2/7/18 birth notified, tagged and wormed ready now £60 each. Devon

Contact Maggi Gardiner tele:01409 240251 or email