Guidelines for Would-Be Purchasers of Breeding Stock

Make sure that the pig that you are proposing to buy is fully registered and ear marked. Registration is the responsibility of the BREEDER.

Please note that black and white pigs, or pigs with white patches on the body or whorls/roses on the back should NEVER be registered under any circumstances.

It is a Society requirement that unregistered stock listed on these pages should at least be birth notified.

Do not be tempted to breed from unregistered stock. If the breeder hasn't registered it, it probably isn't suitable for breeding.

Stock for Sale Entries will Remain Listed for circa. Eight Weeks

23 July

Weaners available various dates in August/September. Good strong meat pigs from Windwhistle Jack and Moonwode Claire. Also weaners from Windwhistle Alison, Oldlands Gloria and Windwhistle Cynthia. Possible gilt and boar for registering subject to final checks. Susan Tanner 07770 754633 or Email ( Wells Somerset)

6 June

Well grown weaners to fatten for sale. One nice little gilt worth registering, Alistair/Elsie blood lines dob:13.4.18. Also a strong little January boar Alistair/Gertrude blood lines, dob:15.1.18. From the Clockswood Herd, please contact Catriona Cook tel: 01723 870333,