The Oxford Sandy & Black Standards of Excellence


    A Medium to Large Pig


    Long and deep with broad hind quarters and rather finer fore quarters.


    Moderately long with a slightly dished muzzle. Short or very dished face a defect.


    Medium, semi-lop to full lop; that is, carried horizontally or lower. Erect ears are unacceptable.


    Good length set on high with a tassel of fine white hair.


    Deep straight underline with at least 12 (preferably 14) sound and well placed teats. For Boars they must have 14 teats 6 of which should be in front of the sheath.


    Medium length, strong boned and well set on, giving a free and active gait.


    Ground colour sandy, ranging from pale sandy to rust. Markings black in random blotches rather than small spots, with sandy the predominant colour. Pale feet, blaze and tassel are characteristic.

    Additionally Boars:

    Should show “maleness” with well developed testicles, free from lumps and sponginess and carried high.